200-litre AdBlue/DEF Kits for light vehicles

Liquids: AdBlue/DEF AdBlue/DEF  
200-litre AdBlue/DEF Kit for light vehicles · 230 VAC 19300-CF00000
200-litre AdBlue/DEF Kit for light vehicles · 12 VDC 19310-CF00000

Kits for the supply and measurement of AdBlue/DEF to light vehicles.



  • Transport trolley for 200-litre drum with an extra-resistant tubular frame. Two fixed wheels and a mobile wheel for a better ergonomics and mobility. The trolley has a security strap for the drum in order to avoid any accidental leak (drum not included). It has built in some hooks to reel the cable.
  • Protected electric transfer kit:
    • The kit of 230 VAC is composed of a diaphragm pump of 230 VAC (110 VAC optional) and the MGI-40Blue electronic gear pulser.
    • The kit of 12 VDC is composed of a diaphragm pump of 12 VDC with pressure switch, connected to a 12 VDC battery (chassis built in) for an autonomous use of the kit
      • Battery charger with 230 V connection. Control panel of the battery charger built in the chassis lateral.
  • Kit flow:
    • 230 VAC · 6.5 l/min · 3 bar
    • 12 VAC · 10 l/min · 2.4 bar
  • Measuring accuracy: ±0.8 %
  • Control console with a large size display in order to see the supplied litres. Keys: TOTAL: it shows the total supplied litres. RESET: it puts the partial of the supplied litres at 0.
  • Nozzle hanger
  • Automatic nozzle for AdBlue/DEF
  • 4 m AdBlue/DEF hose
  • Suction pipe with adapter to 200-litre drum
  • CDS suction connection
  • Control console with litre preset. The user is able to preset the litres to be supplied and stop the pump automatically. (It is only available with the 230 VAC kit option).
  • GK-7 · User control console
  • Automatic nozzle · model ZVA AdBlue LV in accordance to the ISO 22241-5 standard

Console and nozzle detail


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