200-litre AdBlue/DEF Kits for light vehicles

Liquids: AdBlue/DEF AdBlue/DEF  
SBD-30 230 VAC AdBlue/DEF 200-litre trolley Kit 19331-CF00000
SBD-30 12 VDC AdBlue/DEF 200-litre trolley Kit 19341-CF00000


  • AdBlue/DEF supply kit
  • The 19331-CF00000 model has built in a pump at 230 VAC.
  • The 19341-CF00000 with 12-VDC pump has also built in a battery and a charger in order to be able to supply in an autonomous way without any electric connection.



  • Transport trolley for 200-litre drum with an extra-resistant tubular frame. Two fixed wheels and a mobile wheel for a better ergonomics and mobility. The trolley has a security strap for the drum in order to avoid any accidental leak (drum not included). It has built in some hooks to reel the cable.
  • Electric transfer kit. This kit is composed of a diaphragm pump (12 or 230 V, according to the model) and the MGE-40Blue electronic gear meter with a display in order to see the supplied litres. Keys: TOTAL: it shows the total supplied litres. RESET: it puts the partial of the supplied litres at 0.
  • Kit flow: 10 l/min or 30 l/min
  • PA-60U automatic nozzle for Adblue/DEF with swivel built in.  It is possible to configure it to supply 10 l/min for light vehicles or 30 l/min for heavy vehicles.
  • Measuring accuracy: ±0.8 %
  • Nozzle hanger
  • 4 m AdBlue/DEF hose
  • Suction pipe with adapter to 200-litre drum
  • CDS suction connection
  • Automatic nozzle · model ZVA AdBlue LV in accordance to the ISO 22241-5 standard

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