Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
F2" overfill valve 801904014


  • Valve to avoid a fuel spill because of an excessive filling of the aerial tanks.
  • It is installed in the filling tank ho.e. This valve closes the liquid flow when the product level gets almost its capacity total, using a buoy and a Venturi jet system, causing some hose strokes and a flow reduction which means the supply must be cut.
  • The lower valve diameter is intended for the 2” discharge pipes.
  • It has included a special key for an easy installation.



  • This valve is designed to close the fuel pass when its level is around 203 mm from the tank capacity.
  • Then a small bypass valve will allow emptying the hose with a flow of 19 l/min until the liquid level gets 76 mm of the tank capacity. The bypass valve completely closes the fuel pass.



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