LGN-200 Pneumatic
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  Petrol Petrol  
  • The extractors-decontaminators are suitable for the suction and total cleaning of the bottoms, both liquid and solid impurities, in all types of over and buried tanks.
  • They point up because of the quick separation of the suctioned liquid by pressurization and decanting, returning to the same tank the clean liquid and the polluted liquid on the authorized tanks.
  • It is also designed for emptying the own consumption tanks that could have water, mud or diesel, so as the vehicle tanks that during the refuelling you would have put the wrong fuel or have filled more litres than you want.
LGN-200 · Multiuse pneumatic extractor-decontaminator 48020
  • It is designed for making the supply and/or the extraction of the liquids derived from petroleum meanwhile it is making a filtering. It must not be used for the supply and/or the extraction of another type of liquids.
  • It makes the liquid transfer, either through a supply kit controlled throuhg a meter or a lower valve without making any measurement.
  • Extractor-decontaminator prepared for 2 extraction positions by probe.
  • It allows the vacuum / pressure conservation in its inner to extract/empty where there is not air inlet.


Technical data:

  • Extraction system based on the depression creation in the tank inner (Ventury system) (-0.8 bar)
  • Emptying system at pressure (+0.9 bar)
  • Sealed security valve, tared at 1.5 bar
  • Sealed valve that regulates the air inlet, tared at 0.9 bar
  • Air hose connection
  • 5-µm (micron) water-repellent paper filter
  • Minimum pressure: 6 bar

Equipped with:

  • Vacuum gauge -1 +3 bar
  • 200-litre extracted fuel tank
  • Transparent vessel of 10-litre capacity with metallic protection housing
  • Earth connection
  • Lower valve for the total emptying of the tank
  • Filling level indicator
  • MGE-40 electronic meter
  • PA-60 automatic nozzle
  • 2 extraction probes Ø8 mm of 1.5 m and 2 extraction probes Ø12 mm of 1.5 m
  • 4 m transparent hose Ø20 mm
  • Pneumatic wheels that allow its motion
  • 5.5 m transparent hose suction probe + lance
- Water paste · water level indicator 807613001
- 5.5 m transparent hose + 1 m rigid probe 480006002
- 1.5 m Ø12x9 mm car probe and 1.5 m Ø8x6 mm car probe 480006001
- 0.75 m M3/4" complete drain probe 480006003
- Air outlet tube adapter (service station) 480105010

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