FMS · GK-7 · Own consumption controller


• The GK-7Plus and GK-7PlusM controllers have an inner GPRS modem with antenna. They do not need any type of additional communication kit.
• The GK-7PlusM controller has the capacity of controlling up to 16 supply kits in a simultaneous way.
• User and/or vehicle identification through codes and/or identification key
• Supply with or without litre preset
• They are suitable with the DieselPlus software to check the data through the Internet.
• Wireless PC communication · M2M · «On demand» software (SaaS) of control and management
• The kit communicates each supply directly to the Internet.

• Voltage: 110 or 230 VAC 50 Hz or 12/24 VDC · Built-in filter
• Frontal: alphanumeric LCD Display of 4 lines and 20 characters
• Identification key reader
• Service temperature: 0 to 40 ºC
• Relative air humidity: among 20 and 80 %

The kit allows to define different stages to be adjusted to the customer’s requirements:
• User identification: It is specially useful for identifying only who is supplying.
• Vehicle identification: It is specially useful for identifying and controlling the vehicles and their consumption, without identifying the users.
• User and vehicle identification: it is the most complete system offering a high level of security. It is specially useful for installations with a high number of users and/or vehicles, or where the users often change the vehicle.

The supply kit with GK-7Plus · GK-7PlusM controls:
• the supply hour and date
• the users
• the vehicles
• the supplied litres by users and/or vehicles
• The kilometres (milles) (or hours) and the consumption
• Litre stock of the tank

The query and configuration operations can be made from the PC, and it is possible
• to input and delete the users and/or vehicles
• to assign or change the codes or keys of the users and/or vehicles
• to calibrate the kit
• to check the done supplies
• to check and regularize the tank stock
• to export the information to an Excel or .txt (text) format in order to export it to other data base systems or programs;
• to access the information control with permissions for different user profiles.

GK-7Plus GK-7Plus GK-7Plus

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