TANK MODEM PLUS Connect your level probe to the internet
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TANK MODEM PLUS KIT (antenna + support) 258000000
DieselPlus GENIUS Software Licence + SIM · Annual fee 670800000

*It includes universal SIM. Please ask for available countries.

The TANK MODEM PLUS kit is the communication kit to be connected to the GENIUS level indicator, or other compatible gauges, with the Cloud Software: www.dieselplus.net through GPRS communication.

The tank data, as levels, alarms ..., can be consulted from any device connected to the Internet through the web site: www.dieselplus.net


The GENIUS level indicator is communicated through the TANK MODEM PLUS Kit via GPRS with the DIESELPLUS server. This communication is automatic without the user participation.


Composed of:

  • GPRS modem
  • Metallic support for the antenna
  • Antenna



  • DIESELPLUS is the Cloud software that allows the data query and management of the TANK MODEM PLUS  KIT + the GENIUS level indicator.
  • The software is accessible from any device connected to the Internet.
  • It is not necessary any software installation because it is an online service. The application can be used from any device connected to the Internet at any time.
  • Among other features it allows you to control:
    • The continuous level in real time
    • The minimum stock alarm
    • The filling alarm
    • The alarm configuration
    • The alarm history
    • The automatic alarm emails of the maximum or minimum level
    • The level history
    • The data export to Excel or *.txt format
    • The configuration of the tank type and capacity, units, alarms, users...
    • The tank groups, by zones, routes...
    • The permission configuration and assignment to different users
    • The fluid purchases/inlets in the tanks
    • Suppliers


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