TLC · Truck Level Control Level of your mobile tanks
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TLC · Truck Level Control

Level probe for mobile vehicle tanks or static tanks
TLC-Bluetooth Ex
Level control and fuel consumption
Fuel theft prevention
Control of income and fuel withdrawals

• Control the fluid level of your tank fuel from any device with Internet connection.
• Set up and receive automatic alarms in your email.

• Perform the periodic measurement of the fluid level in a tank.
• Consult the levels through www.dieselplus.net or through the “DieselPlus Tanks” App, available on Android and IOs.
• Configure automatic level alarms in your email: fill alarm, minimum level alarm, irregular emptying alarm, etc.

• TLC is intended for the exact measurement of fuel volume in vehicle tanks or fixed installations. The fuel level sensor allows to determine the current volume and the change of the volume (entrance or extraction) of fuel in the tank.
• TLC is used as part of the monitoring systems connected to www.dieselplus.net.
• Being part of the monitoring system www.dieselplus.net, it allows to receive reliable data of the current amount of fuel in the vehicle tank and to detect cases of fuel theft from the tank.


You can connect up to 16 TLCs to a single Tank Modem Plus.
The TANK MODEM PLUS communicates by GPRS. Consult the data from www.dieselplus.net or from the "DieselPlus Tanks" App installed on your smartphone.
DieselPlus allows:
• Reading of tank levels
• Multiaccess from different devices
• Receive reports automatically of the tanks in your email
• Minimum level alarms
• Fill alarms
• Maximum level alarms
• Alarms of abrupt drop in level
• History of alarms
• Export of data in *.csv or *.txt format
• Group the tanks by zones, facilities, ...
• Make a record of tickets by supplier, cost, quantity ...
• Have a supplier registry

Control of charges and discharges from the same software www.DieselPlus.net
With the GK-7Plus controller, installed on your supply pump and on the truck, you will register the user who supplies, where it is supplied, time, day, litres, ...
All the information in the same software.


The TLC level system will connect to the "MODEM PLUS" with the RS485 cable.
A level reading is transmitted via GPRS to www.dieselplus.net every 20 minutes.

Principle of Operation: Capacitive
Static vehicle accuracy: <0.2% for fixed tanks or parked vehicles
Mobile vehicle accuracy: <1% for moving vehicles
Sensitivity: 0.1 mm
Minimum length: up to 90% of the initial length (70 mm)
Maximum length: up to 6,000 mm
Supply voltage: 10 - 50 V
Overload protection: up to 100 V
Temperature: from -40 ºC to +85 ºC

Fuels and lubricants (non-conductive fluids)
(Not valid for conductive fluids such as water, AdBlue/DEF,...)

TLC-485 258300000

RS-485 cable connection between the TLC probes and the TANK MODEM PLUS. You can connect a maximum of 4 probes to the modem.


TLC Bluetooth Ex 258300300

The ATEX version of the TLC.

Bluetooth connection between the probe and the Bleutooth Box receiver. You can connect 2 sodnas to a Bluetooth Box.


The TLC Bluetooth probe has the same functional characteristics as the TLC-485, adding Ex certification and Bluetooth communication between the probe and the modem.
For installations where a certified probe is required for explosive environments, and in installations where wiring between probe and modem is not possible, this is the option to select.
You can connect up to two probes to the same RadioBox Bluetooth receiver.
You must connect the radiobox to the TANK MODEM PLUS to send all the data to www.dieselplus.net.

The configuration of the probe is done via bluetooth from an APP installed on a smartphone, so you do not need to purchase any configuration kit to calibrate the TLC Bluetooth probe


How to install TLC
TLC · Truck Level Control TLC · Truck Level Control TLC · Truck Level Control

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