FG-450 3 · 5 · 15 or 50 µm 450 l/min · F2"
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  Petrol Petrol  Biodiesel Biodiesel  
FG-450 · Water absorbent microfilter with aluminium housing · F2 663700000

 More capacity, better filtration!

 The FG-450 filter uses the same parts as the model FG-300 filter. Two cartridges in the same casing. This multiplies the durability of the cartridges when working at lower pressure, and improves the filtration capacity.

-Longer time before replacing cartridges.
-Higher durability of each cartridge. By having a higher capacity housing, the filters work at lower saturation per second. This results in the full utilization of the entire surface of the filter and absorbent paper.

-Better filtration. The larger the filter surface, the better filtration.



•It is suitable for particle microfiltration from 3 to 15 µm (micron) (the filtering paper is water absorbent) or 50 µm (micron). It is possible to drain through the manual drain valve placed in the microfilter bottom.

•This microfilter has been made for the diesel, petrol, kerosene, AVGAS, JET A-1, and, in general, hydrocarbon liquid microfiltration.

•Differential manometer where you can see when the filter level is exceed.

•The microfilter is supplied with the filtering element installed.


TECHNICAL FEATURES:                                     


- 3 µm (micron) · water absorbent (mod. FG-450/3)

- 5 µm (micron) · water absorbent (mod. FG-450/5)

- 15 µm (micron) · water absorbent (mod. FG-450/15)

- 50 µm (micron) (mod. FG-450/50)

•Capacity: 15 litres in the housing interior

•Flow: 450 l/min

•Microfilter cover and body: Aluminium

•Differential manometer

•Inlet / Outlet Connections: F2" BSP or flange

•Manual lower drain valve

•Superior drain valve to eliminate the inner air of the filter

•Installation: in the suction or delivery of the pumping kit

•Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar

•Maximum housing pressure: 10 bar                  

Size and weight (approx.):          

•Size: Ø254x312x1300 mm (Ø x base x height)

•Weight: 35 kg

SPARE PART:                                                     

- Absorbent filtering spare kit of 3 µm (micron) + joints 661908002

- Absorbent filtering spare kit of 5 µm (micron) + joints 661908003

- Absorbent filtering spare kit of 15 µm (micron) + joints 661908000

- Impact filtering spare kit of 50 µm (micron) + joints        661908001



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