FUEL TREATMENT PLANT Automatic filtration at scheduled times
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  


• Automatic fuel purification system for tanks.

• Programmable automatic start and stop to remove water and microparticles. It performs a homogenization and oxygenation of the fuel. It prevents the creation of bacteria, algae and molds that can damage the installation and the vehicles or machines to which it is supplied.

The importance of installing a fuel treatment plant:

• Prevents the creation of sludge at the bottom of the tank.

With a periodic filtration, the particles and suspended water are eliminated, avoiding their sedimentation. With this we will avoid the costly tank cleaning operation. To clean a tank, it is necessary to stop the installation, completely empty the tank, degas and clean manually. It is a very expensive and high risk process.

• Prevents bacteria from being generated.

The creation of bacteria in diesel tanks is increasingly common. This is because currently the regulations allow diesel to be mixed with 7% biodiesel. This increases the presence of water and the consequent appearance of bacteria. Bacteria are very difficult to eliminate and cause problems in the machines to which it is supplied and in the installation itself.

• Protects machines or vehicles that use fuel.

Modern combustion systems are very sensitive to micro impurities. To protect the injectors, it is necessary to supply microfiltered diesel.


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