Static Tanks

Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
  • Compact petrol installation for the diesel storage and (own consumption) supply to vehicles, heatings, forwarders, agricultural cooperatives, ...
  • Constructed and assembled following the general criteria of the Petrol Installation Regulations and the MI-IP03 / IP04 Complementary Technical Instruction (Rule)
Double wall KIT-3000 without pumping kit

Dim. (approx.): 3,010x1,850xØ1,350 mm

Weight (approx.): 477 kg

Double wall KIT-5000 without pumping kit

Dim. (approx.): 3,010x2,042xØ1,650 mm

Weight (approx.): 852 kg

Double wall KIT-10000 without pumping kit

Dim. (approx.): 4,570x2,400xØ1,900 mm

Weight (approx.): 1,410 kg

Double wall KIT-15000 without pumping kit

Dim. (approx.): 6,570x2,400xØ1,900 mm

Weight (approx.): 1,940 kg


1. Double wall tank

  • Double wall steel tank of horizontal cylindrical shaft for its aerial installation, manufactured under UNE rules:
    • UNE 62351-2 capacity up to 3,000 litres
    • UNE 12285-2 capacity higher than 3,000 litres
  • Equipped with: welded support frame, manifold in manhole and vacuum leak system. External non-corrosive finish, white polyurethane with special outdoors bright.
  • 400 mm vent valve set - 2" T valve or fireproof valve with buil-in grid
  • 1" suction set
  • Vk-80 3" brass charging hole with chain in the cover
  • Measuring system: level indicator with guide tube or slide
  • Overfill alarm
  • Pressure relief valve
  • 1" Adjustable anti-siphon valve

2. Crash-proof frame

  • Metallic structure protecting the tank against crashes; it has a stair to access the manhole with a non-slip flat and a security rail (in tanks higher than 3,000 litres)
  • Extinguisher
  • Nozzle hanger



  • Mechanical or electronic COMPACT supply kits for the diesel supply and measurement and with the possibility of the GK-7 fleet controller installation.
  • There is the option of fitting additional elements or modifying those that alreay has under the customer´s request in order to be used for an specific use whenever it complies with the applicable regulations.
  • Installation of other pumping kits of different flows (e.g. 50/80/150 l/min), more or less number of delivery hose metres, different types of nozzles and filtering elements
  • FG-100 transparent microfilter · water repellent · 5 µm (micron)
  • 4" overfill valve from the KIT-5000 litres

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