Static Tanks

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40´ Hi-Cube Container is ideal for light, voluminous or bulky cargo and is approved for the freight transport composed of kits with the following features:

  • High supply (200 l/min) and mid-supply (80 l/min) (please, ask for other flows)
  • Tank truck loading and tank filling up to 500 l/min (please, ask for other flows)
  • Loading and unloading computerised control
  • 60,500-litre integrally-bunded tank



  • Integrally-bunded tank manufactured according to UNE-EN 12285-2:2005
  • 1.5 m separated space for the pumps and other equipments
  • Manhole with cover, padlock and non-skid sheet
  • BDP-500 · High flow uploading pump with M-80 meter and pulse output. The meter has a gas separator and its measuring accuracy is ±0.2 %.
  • BDP-200 · High flow supply pump with M-40 meter with pulse output, with double hose and supply nozzle. High and low flow
  • FG-300 Microfilter · water absorbent · 15 µm (micron)
  • GK-7M own consumption controller for the loading and supply control. The controller allows the use only to authorised users and the preset of the amount to be supplied. When making the loading or the supply it is registered:
    - the user that makes the operation
    - the vehicle
    - the supplied fluid
    - the supplied amount
    - the day and hour of the supply
    - the dispenser from which the supply is made
    All the information is communicated through GPRS to the web-service
  • Hydraulic net of pipes with cut valve and prefilter. Suction tube with anti-siphon valve
  • Supply system with differential protection, manual inverter, dispenser protection, emergency button, lighting protection, data analyser...
  • Manhole trap door
  • Vent grille
  • Anti-corrosion white polyurethane paint with reflective stickers for a better view
  • Earth connections
  • Spill Kit
  • Telescopic ladder
  • Fire material
  • Overfill stop gauge
  • Measuring bar
  • GENIUS · Level indicator with GPRS communication

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