Static Tanks

FUELTANK from 3,500 to 5,000 litres
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
  • This kit is designed to store and supply fuel in a secure and effective way.
  • Material: Made of high quality polythene. UV and high temperature resistance.
  • Maximum protection with possible leaks that could damage the environment. Unlike the sheet tanks, its appearance and properties are more lasting.
  • The GESPASA supply kit is well-protected in the booth with lock. This prevents the access to non-authorized personnel and also reduces all type of problems. The kits are protected againts the inclemency of the weather.
  • Transport: It is designed for an easy handling with a forklift or a crane, when it is empty.
  • This kit is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000.


Standard equipment:

  • Distribution closet with locking
  • Oil level gauge (Oil Watchman Plus) with the spill detector built-in
  • Maximum level detector that works with the filling system
  • Automatic shutoff valve with 6 m flexible hose
  • 16'' lid in the internal tank
  • 2'' filling nozzle
  • Hermetic lid in the internal tank (Ø140 mm)
  • Air drain valve in the internal tank.
FM3000 · FuelTank autonomous supply unit of 3,000 litres 38411
  • Capacity: 3,500 litres
  • Dim. (approx.): 2,850x2,200x1,960 mm
  • Weight (approx.): 268 kg
FM5000 · FuelTank autonomous supply unit of 5,000 litres 38412
  • Capacity: 5,000 litres
  • Dim. (approx.): 2,850x2,230x2,340 mm
  • Weight (approx.): 307 kg
Supply kits

The FuelTank containers can be supplied with a whole variety of GESPASA supply kits.

Please, consult them with us to select the best supply kit for your application.



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