TOTEM pump dispenser

GK-7 controller accessory


  • System to identify the vehicles through the wireless RFID TAG reader that is installed in the vehicles.
  • The reader is installed in the dispenser with a support that also acts as the reader battery charger.
  • The battery charge is made by magnetic induction and without any touch. Only hanging the reader, the battery starts the charging process.
  • The pump is not switched on until the reader is in its support in order to avoid the user leaves it anywhere else.
  • If the reader is moved more than 15 metres away the dispenser, it is activated an acoustic alarm.



  • When the GK-7 controller asks for the vehicle identification, pass the reader at a distance of 5 cm over the TAG disc installed in the vehicle.
  • When passing the reader, a “beep” will sound confirming the TAG reading. Then the controller display will show the message “Hang the reader”. When hung the reader, you will be able to start the supply.



  • Wireless proximity reader for a personal and non-transferable identification of the vehicles.
  • TAG KEYRING: Identifier system to identify the user. It is possible to configure the system so that the user is able to be identified only through a numerical code (PIN) or with the TAG KEYRING.
  • TAG DISC: Identifier system to be fixed in the vehicle.
    • The disc has an inner hole that allows to be fixed with a rivet, screw, etc.
    • To identify the vehicle the user should pass the reader, at a distance of 5 cm, over the TAG DISC installed in the vehicle. Then, the vehicle will be automatically identified.
    • The dispenser will not start until the reader is hung again in its support.
  • The reader has an internal battery that is automatically charged when it is is in its support.



  • Compatible with the GK-7C controller and the COMPACT, TOTEM and SHK dispenser models
  • It replaces the magnetic key reader (iButton)
  • It is not compatible with the controller that uses the communication kit via memory key (iButton).
  • It is not compatible with the iButton identification either.
- TAG disc identifier 251201006
- TAG keyring identifier 251201005

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