Customized projects
Examples of customized projects
  • There are some projects not solved in the market.
  • Ask us your needs and our I+D department will design the kit or the installation in order to efficiently comply with your practical or business aims.
  • Fill the contact form and describe what you need with the best details.


GK7Plus controller for AdBlue delivery

GK-7Plus 12V control unit with printer for the control of supplies made in an AdBlue distribution tank, by means of a high flow motor pump, and gear meter for AdBlue model MGI-400Blue

Lube hi flow ATEX pump

Pump dispenser. Gear pump with ATEX motor. Electronic head with pulse output for connection to external controller.

12-V supply kit with piston meter, preset and automatic stop
High flow dispenser with 20 m of hose and pump of 200 l/min with diesel motor
GESPASA dispenser for tanker trucks

GESPASA dispenser for tanker trucks with real-time managment through the GK-7Plus electronic console


Mobile skid for the storage, filtering, supply and control of the fuel and AdBlue/DEF


High flow pumps with DIESEL engine and battery starting. Two pumps (the main one + the emergency one) and a meter. Kit to be installed in a truck.

Panelled dispenser of 100 l/min with level indicator and telemetry
Backup Dispenser to supply in-line vehicle production fluids
  • We have developed dispensers for different type of fluids such as lubricants, fuels and Urea (DEF) · AdBlue.
  • Main dispensers and Backup dispensers installed in the production line.
  • They are connected to the factory systems with bidirectional communication.
Pumping system to feed automotive factory production line
  • It has been developed and installed transfer systems of different flow rates for fluids such as: antifreeze, lubricants, fuels and urea (DEF) AdBlue.
  • It is equipped with water absorbent microfilter of 50 µm + 15 µm · Electrical generator to feed the BAG-800 pump of 150 l/min.
  • Approved transport container
  • Simple or compartment tank · up to 60,000 litres
  • With industrial high flow or commercial dispensers
  • Customised inner equipment
ELECTRONIC DISPENSER · Supply kit with litre preset
  • This kit is designed for the supply of a preset amount.
  •  It is used to add additive in fuels or supply with preset.
  •  Suitable for non-rust fluids with flammable density higher to 55 ºC and maximum viscosity of 200 cSt.



  • Flow: 18 l/min
  • Voltage: 230 VAC 50 Hz · single-phase
  • Preset by units "X1" or tenths "X10" through the buttons of the meter
  • Maximum amount to preset: 99,999 litres


Equipped with:

  • EA-88 0.37 kW self-suction gear pump with recirculation bypass
  • MGE-110HI electronic gear meter with preset and automatic stop
    • Accuracy: ±0.5 %
    • 5-digit indicator
  •  Metallic base no. 4


FG300x3 + SAGE-800 · Filtering kit with supply kit

3-phase filtering kit, equipped with self-suction blade pump and electronic gear meter.

The 3 phases of filtering guarantee a perfect elimination of the impurities and water in the fuel.

Hydrocarbon extraction of Vehicles in RENT a CAR
Equipments designed for the direct hydrocarbon extraction and the tank emptying of a vehicle.

Later the liquid is filtered ant it is supplied to a new vehicle.


The suctioned and/or supplied litres could be controlled by vehicle license number, user name, etc. 


Mobile kit designed for the diesel filtering of buried or aerial tanks up to 5.000 litres, getting the microfiltered liquid free of impurities.


It could be composed of: filtering tank kit with BAG-800 pump, workbench, compressor, tank, etc.

Grease and lubrication van

Because of the need to move the workshop to big machines as the construction or minery ones, we have equipped some vans with all the elements that you could need to work the land.


Work table, tool cupboard, compressor, generator, grease and lubrication kits, ...

Cleaning and filtering tank van

A van is equipped with all the elements that you could need to clean and filter hydrocarbon of the tanks. With this van it is possible to make the home cleaning service.

Oil Team Service
Detachable workshop of lubrication, wheel change and quick mechanics.


From the idea and the start request of a lubricant manufacturer, it is designed and built hand-keys a complete shop for the automobile sector.


Apart of the physical development and the installation it is also developed the franchise project.

Extraction of the polluted liquids in scrapyards

Equipments for the extraction and storage of the polluted liquids by separated that the vehicles could have.

Mobile extraction fluid kit
  • Kit created for the fluid extraction in heavy plant
  • Extraction of the different fluids and storage of them by separated
  • Suctioned fuel filtering for posterior supply through automatic nozzle
  • It has built in a generator and a compressor.
Industrial fluid extractor

Equipment designed for the extraction through empty bilge water.

It is installed in sea ports.

The same equipment is suitable for the fuel and mud suction in tanks where there is dirt and solid impurities.

Accessories for the waste lubricant recovery in sea ports
Water control in public beaches

It is designed a complete water control and management system to avoid the bad use that we are currently giving in the public beach showers.
This system is installed in public showers, campings, private swimming-pools, ...


Supplier and controller of bulked lubricant

Equipment designed for installing it on a tanker truck and unloading bulked lubricant.

The supply is controlled with an electronic heading that transfers the supply data to a computer.

  • 100 l/min
  • Electronic meter
  • Preset
  • Restricted use through secret codes
  • Ticked printer
  • Cable reel
  • Hose-reel
Mini workshop in 20'' container

Lubrication workshop designed for being transported through a truck.

The workshop is built in a 20" or 40" container according to your needs.

Automatic container filling

In-line machine of lubricant bottle filling.

Control of the exact quantity to refill.

JET-A1 supply and filtration

Equipment in a closed cabinet to make the kerosene (JET-A1) filtration and supply in helicopters.

It is equipped with:

  • Double wall tank
  • Security valves and accessories
  • Protection against impacts
  • Filter of 5 micron
  • ATEX supply kit of 150 l/min
  • Hose-reel

Hexane probe with telematic level control

Manufacture and installation of level probes for different types of chemical and inflammable materials.

Trolley with an approved tank for fuel suction and supply
Dispenser with manual emergency pump

STE-80CE standard dispenser model which has built in a manual lever pump to be able to supply in case of an emergency or a lack of power supply.

GRG tank + electric pump + manual pump

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